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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quantzig, a global analytics solutions provider, has announced the
completion of their latest analysis on the four
common social media marketing mistakes that you should avoid
. Be it
a small business or an established business; everyone wants to jump on
the bandwagon of making their brand presence felt through social media.

The popularity of social media marketing is spreading faster than forest
fire among people because that’s where the crowd is listening,
irrespective of what generation the crowd belongs to. Social media is
one of the most economical and simplest mediums for companies to reach
out to their target audience. Social media marketing works if it is done
right. Therefore, Quantzig has listed four common mistakes that will
keep you from realizing the full potential of social media marketing for
your brand.

According to the social media marketing experts at Quantzig,
“To understand the full potential of social media platforms for a brand,
businesses should have a clear-cut game plan and devise the right

View Quantzig’s comprehensive list of the four common
social media marketing mistakes that you should avoid

is a global analytics advisory firm concentrated on leveraging analytics
for prudent decision making and offering solutions to clients across
several industrial sectors. Listed below are the four common social
media marketing mistakes that you should avoid.

Common social media marketing mistakes you
should avoid

  • Choosing the wrong tools: In today’s scenario, planning and
    analyzing the data appropriately becomes very important to make the
    right decisions. Companies can access customer data, so they should
    use the right tools to systematically assess data and offer real-time
    insights, which would help them in arriving at the right social media
    marketing strategy. They can either choose in-app statistical tools
    that are available in the social media app or use the third-party
  • Not having a social media marketing plan: Without a proper plan
    of action, the efforts put into a social media marketing strategy will
    go for a waste. There is no point in posting content time to time to
    attract more customers if there is no predefined strategy associated
    with it. Companies must have precise goals, budgets, and a solid plan
    of action that summarizes what they are trying to achieve, how the
    results will be measured, how they will achieve the goal, and the
    allocation of resources needed.
  • Setting the wrong KPIs: In social media marketing, many
    marketers tend to use the vanity metrics as parameters against which
    the performance is measured. It is the wrong way to measure the
    effectiveness of a brand’s social media marketing strategy. Companies
    must ideally be gauging the effect of the social media efforts on the
    audience and business, rather than the total number of followers as it
    is no different from traditional marketing channels.
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    media marketing mistakes

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View the complete list of four common social media marketing mistakes
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