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3 tips for real estate video marketing newbies

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The key to success in real estate is marketing with a strategy to build your brand and develop your customer base, especially as a new agent.

Right now, in 2018, the best way to do both build a brand and develop a customer base is by creating marketing videos.
According to WordStream, 87 percent of online marketers use video content, and 45 percent of people watch more than a half hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week.
Here are three easy and affordable ways to develop and leverage marketing videos as a newbie:
1. Get a good logo, and use it
First, you need to understand that your video marketing is part of your brand, so treat it that way.

You can get a logo designed online today for anywhere between $5 and $150, depending upon which logo or freelance website you want to use.

Once you have your logo, make sure it is embedded on all videos, and introduce yourself right after the logo flashes.

This small investment and short introduction will go a long way in market…

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