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Marketing Minutes: Marketing your business made easy

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February 2018

As a business owner or manager, you are tasked with everything from hiring the right people and increasing profits to managing finances and providing quality customer service. This makes it easy to lose sight of marketing your business, which is essential to remain top of mind with your target audience. 

That’s where Marketing Minutes, the American Rental Association’s (ARA’s) member-only online resource can help. In mere minutes, ARA members can review or learn about various marketing topics, such as:

  • Is Marketing Really That Important? Understand why marketing is important and learn to treat marketing as an investment in your business instead of a line item expense.
  • Developing a Marketing Plan. You wouldn’t go into business without a plan, and marketing should be no different. A good plan will keep you on track throughout the year.
  • How to Plan Your Marketing Budget. Without a solid budget, you can accidentally overspend on your marketing initiatives. Develop a plan to organize your marketing spend and when to make adjustments during the year.
  • It’s All About Branding. How do you want your business to be perceived by your customers? Whatever that perception is, everything you, your staff and your business does should convey the same message.
  • Using Public Relations and Advertising. There are so many ways to broadcast your marketing message — evaluate your options and determine which outlet works best for your business.
  • Online Marketing Basics. Get your share of the ever-growing online consumer market by learning how to get your message out effectively to those looking for rental stores.
  • Enhance Your Site for SEO. Making sure your website is built to be search engine friendly is key to increasing your online traffic and thus converting site visitors into customers.
  • Social Media and Your Business. With the growing popularity of social media platforms, which should you use and how does it benefit your business?
  • Reach New Customers with Search Engine Marketing. Search engine marketing is a powerful tool to help you attract new customers. Learn how this flexible and effective marketing activity can benefit your business.
  • Using Video in Your Marketing. Video is becoming an essential marketing tool for your business. That’s because video engages people in a way that photos, graphics and text can not.
  • Tips for Shooting Marketing Videos. Today’s smartphones and digital cameras make it easier than ever to shoot your own video. A few simple rules can make a big difference in the quality of videos you create.
  • Rent vs. Buy. Use this module to educate your customers and prospects about the many benefits of renting. This module can be downloaded and used in your local marketing efforts.

In addition, you can get an overview of the findings from ARA’s consumer research document, “Reaching the Full Potential of Rental”. There are four videos that focus on marketing to each rental customer segment:

  • Professional Contractors
  • DIY Homeowners
  • DIY Party and Event Consumers
  • Professional Event Planners

Plan to stop at the ARA Resource Center — Booth No. 1961 — at The Rental Show® to preview these videos and learn what marketing resources are available to ARA members. Be sure to also read Rental Pulse each week for additional marketing tips and advice.


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