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5 Tips for Success in Online Classes

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More and more working adults are taking online classes to meet the needs of their busy lives. Online learning can often be intimidating for those who have never done it but can be beneficial when managed right. Here are 5 tips to consider when taking online classes.

Plan Ahead
At the beginning of the quarter, review due dates from your syllabus and plan out the term. When are assignments due? When should you have your online discussions completed? Set time aside each week to allow you to finish assignments without having to doing it all at once. Traveling out of town? Plan ahead and get started on your work earlier.

Stay Organized
Create a calendar to stay on track, so no surprises come along. Keep your files organized by creating folders for each class so you can reference them later on. If you prefer printed paper, create a binder with all your notes and assignments to follow along.

Get Rid of Online Distractions
When working on course work, minimize online distractions. Close your email and social media accounts, so you aren’t tempted to check in. Turn off notifications and put your phone on silent mode if needed.

Find Your Ideal Workplace
Find a workspace that you thrive in. Do you prefer to work with background noise? Do you need certain lighting? Find your ideal workspace. Either a separate room in your home, the library, or a coffee shop.

Connect with Classmates
Even though you’re taking classes online, it doesn’t mean you can’t connect with your classmates. Need advice on a course assignment or other classes you want to take the next term? Ask a classmate about their experience. Your peers can be valuable resources, don’t be afraid to reach out.

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