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Trudi Bannister releases self-help book shaped by childhood

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Author Trudi Bannister is enjoying a bit of down time at her home in Fuveau, France, following the release of her new self-help book.

HAPPY READING: Author and former Orange resident Trudi Bannister said her book ‘Built for Bliss: The Science and Psychology of Experiencing True Happiness’ offers a practical guide to bringing more happiness to life.

While she is currently a long way from her former hometown of Orange, Ms Bannister believes her Built for Bliss: The Science and Psychology of Experiencing True Happiness, is a result of her happy childhood in the city.

“I was born and bred in Orange, before moving to Sydney at the age of 21,” said Ms Bannister. “I have endless memories from my childhood to early adult years growing up and living in Orange.”

A Bletchington Public School, then Canobolas High School graduate of 1990, Ms Bannister said her early education and exposure to the world of professional sport sparked her interest in psychology.

“I spent several years travelling on the Australian and European Tour with my then partner, (ex-Orange resident) Lucas Parsons – after he’d won the Greg Norman Holden International golf tournament,” said Ms Bannister.

“I started working in performance and corporate psychology, though having children got me interested in working with families.”

Ms Bannister said while she feels blessed to have lived the life she has lived, it hasn’t come without its challenges.

“I have faced my share of hurdles and feel very well placed to support others to explore and fulfil their potential, as I explore and fulfil mine,” said Ms Bannister.

Released in December, Built for Bliss offers practical guidance to readers to help them reclaim joyfulness in their lives.

Ms Bannister believes we are hardwired for happiness and hopes to support people to become aware of the ways they have lost touch with their capacity to live joyfully.

“I hope that Built for Bliss will help its readers to deepen their understanding and acceptance of themselves,” said Ms Bannister. “It is from this place that we develop our capacity to practice compassion and understanding toward others. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all practised genuine love toward ourselves and showed others understanding, acceptance and kindness?”

Built for Bliss is structured in five parts. Part One is designed to offer insight and inspiration on the reader’s path to bliss. Parts Two, Three and Four provide a more in-depth, information-rich read, with Part Five offering additional tools for experiential learning. 

“Built for Bliss does not need to be read linearly,” said Ms Bannister. “Wisdom and insight can be gained from opening it at any heading and reading that short section. The book closes with a poetic invitation to lean into life.”

Built for Bliss is available at Collins Booksellers.

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