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Five tips for creating effective video marketing

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In all of its glory, the internet has become almost as vital as breathing, and video is next in line for the throne. With a third of online activity spent watching videos currently, its essential usage, not only for commercials or entertainment, is without a doubt. Likewise, marketers have started to use video more and more.

Simply using video, however, is not sufficient and unlikely to produce the wanted outcome. Nevertheless, with these five strategies at hand, videos can easily be used effectively in marketing.

1. Select the right tool

Most importantly, the right tool must be selected. This requires a clear definition of the wanted outcome as well as an analysis of what is necessary to get there. Companies such as simpleshow offer explanation services, excelling through individualisation and expertise.

Further, they are the parent company to mysimpleshow, an online tool that allows the individual to create his or her own explainer video. Being aware of these opportunities simplifies finding the ideal tool for your marketing strategy.

2. Choose appropriate timing

Timing is key for video implementation. Depending on the video’s purpose, you may prefer to use it in the beginning of a presentation as an inspiring opening, throughout the presentation as an attention grabber, or towards the end to wrap it all up. It may also serve the purpose of increasing recall through repetitive and unique characteristics that trigger memory retention.

Thanks to the great diversity and usability of videos, they can serve multiple needs. Videos may be used in forms of elevator pitches, content summaries, as well as communication of corporate guidelines.

3. Define the target group

An effective video is characterised by several elements, the most important one being target group orientation. While you may think ‘the more the merrier,’ this may not be the right calling for target groups. You must be direct.

In order for people to show an interest and buy your product or remember your brand, people must relate to the content and tone of the video. A video that targets an older population is unlikely to grab children’s attention. Hence the content must be driven by the audience’s wishes and needs. Make sure to keep the focus and use these tips to guide your video content.

4. Pay attention to language

Watching is largely preferred over reading, which may be one of your arguments for choosing video marketing. The next thing you want to keep in mind is the language you are using. Make sure it is appropriate for your target group: keep it comprehensible and characterise it through keywords. Use visualisation accordingly as a support for what is heard by using symbols or putting a focus on specific terms by highlighting them.

5. Keep it short

You want to make sure to consider the video length to make it effective. Studies have identified the ideal length of a video to be two minutes. Hence, try to stick to this reference point when creating your video.

Remember that you can always add more information and make the video much longer, but it is unlikely that you’ll truly penetrate your audience and be remembered. Rather, make it short and grab the viewer’s attention. You can always provide further information at the end or in external links.

Careful considerations and planning ahead are also key factors for choosing a video, or creating one. Only an inspiring, target-oriented, comprehensible and correctly implemented video will provide the necessary effectiveness in your marketing. These steps or reference points may serve as a guide when creating your next video that will effectively reach your audience, grab their attention and provide recall opportunities.

Finja Kruse is a teacher, blogger and video creator writing on behalf of mysimpleshow. You can contact her via LinkedIn. 

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